Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pasadena Mexican

Dona Rosa Bakery and Taqueria in Pasadena is a good Mexican restaurant right next to car washing place and a gas station. It is on the corner of South Arroyo Parkway and East California Boulevard. The covered terrace has many pretty designs, including the tiles, picures and mosaics. The small bakery offers a ton of Mexican desserts, such as Empanadas and cuernitos. Amazingly it also has some flan! The juices are a little bit pricey but they're worth it! The beans and carnitas in my burrito are the perfect combination. My dad ordered from the special menu which had three or four things on it. His choice was called Puerco Pibil, basically slow-roasted spiced pork butt that was wrapped in banana leaves. The tacos were juicy too. My mom thought that her carnitas taco was better than her fish taco. The chips were fresh and amazingly tasty, still warm; you can help yourself to a variety of salsas.

kid friendly☺☺☺

quality ψψψψ