Sunday, August 16, 2009

crispy shrimp,beef sandwiches what else?

Chef Chen is a good Chinese restaurant  located in Irvine in a mini mall on Jeffrey and Walnut. (5408 Walnut, near the 99 Ranch). Their top dishes are the 5 spice crispy shrimp and the chinese style beef sandwiches. The braised tofu I expected to be good like the other tofu dishes I had but unfortunately it  was too bland. The restaurant in its self has a moderatly warm atmosphere although there are not many children. The bitter melon is a little bit too bitter, but the green beans and meat were delicious. The soup was that we had was a little bit bland and the wontons were nothing special. The hand made potstickers were crunchy and had pork inside. They were delicious. My parents were not satisfied but I still think its the best chinese restaurant in Irvine. Chef Chen is moderately priced!

Kid friendly☺☺☺

quality ψψψψ