Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kogi Truck!

So, we finally tracked down the Kogi BBQ truck - three hungry guys, two missed turns, one parking lot. We got there before the truck and it looked like we were in the wrong spot, but there were already people waiting.

If you don't know, http://kogibbq.com is their website, and they announce on twitter where you'll find the next truck any given day, all over Southern California. They make Korean BBQ tacos, burritos, hot dogs, and specials.

My dad, my friend, and I got in line when the truck pulled up. I kept checking the menu to think about the options, and good smells started to fill the parking lot. When we finally got to the front, we all ordered burritos: short rib and spicy pork sounded like the best ways to go. We also got a soda and retreated to our car to eat. Kind of messy but that's what you call a wild meal! By now the line was super long.

Their portions are kind of big, so we didn't go back to sample other items. Maybe another time. Also, the line was discouragingly long, but I guess it's a good sign. There were all kinds of people - older and younger, students and office workers and mechanics and just a few kids.

It's a different way to eat out; when you get to the announced location of the truck, for lunch or dinner, there is nowhere to sit except on the ground or in your car. The food is spicy, a cross between Mexican and Korean. Is it good? Yes. Is it kid-friendly? Depends on where it is.