Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ruth's Chris steakhouse

My dad and I went to a steakhouse, Ruth's Chris in Irvine (2961 Michelson Drive), because I was curious to try it once, and my mom was out of town. I love to eat steak! We chose a ribeye steak and barbecued jumbo shrimp, with baby spinach and potato gratin, all to share. My dad got a glass of wine, and I had two shirley temples.

I noticed immediately that they specialize in steaks. The ribeye was perfectly salted, cooked medium rare just as we ordered it, and the plates were very hot! The server said don't touch, it's like 500 degrees!

The jumbo shrimp was okay. I couldn't taste any special flavor in them; they just tasted like plain shrimp. But the shrimp came with an awesome sauce. The steak was perfectly marbled and super tender and had some butter on it. The baby spinach was delicious, fresh and soft, but we forgot to ask for garlic on it. However, the potato gratin was too cheesy for me. It filled my stomach too quickly! I took home some leftovers.

At the end, we were surprised by a desert we had not ordered. They thought it had to be my birthday! I guess that is child-friendly. I could hardly eat any more, but the raspberry ice cream in a chocolate cup was fantastic, and the fruit cup came with fresh mint leaves and sweat cream sauce.