Monday, December 28, 2009

double header!

Sorry for the delay - I have been on vacation in Mexico! Today, I'll update you on the two restaurants I went to since I got back: China Garden, a dim sum restaurant in Irvine (on Jeffrey); and Cafe Beau Soleil, in Newport Beach (in Fashion Island). One was good, one not so good!

China Garden has dim sum on weekends. It's usually pretty full. This time, we did not have to wait long at all because we got there earlier than usual, around 11. Don't order the soft tofu! If you don't have a sauce on it, it's plain - but with the sauce it's way too sweet. I can recommend the congee - it's a rice gruel, nice on a cool winter day. The shrimp dumplings were okay, but the deep-fried shrimp wrapped in seaweed was better. Some dishes were not great, and we even sent one back... Don't over-order, because often there will be something good coming by when you're too full! We haven't ordered anything from the menu there yet. Definitely get some greens.

We went shopping in Fashion Island, and ended up waiting forever for the food we ordered at the French cafe in American Rag. The soup was okay, the quiche of the day was very cheesy and soft, but the shrimp fettuccini was excellent. They have nice big salads, but not really what you expect. My mom had a coffee, which the bill calls "black gold"! Weird. The bored water took ages to turn on the heater, or bring water, or bread, or menus, or stop by at all (even though we asked). I ended up getting myself a menu! When we got there, it was mostly empty - but soon all tables were full, and the kitchen was overwhelmed. My mom ended up going inside to complain... Not kid-friendly, either.