Monday, September 21, 2009

places to go

My mom showed me an article in a newspaper that lists the 50 best foods and where to eat them. I have not been to most of those restaurants, of course, but I do know three places mentioned in this article: Chez Panisse, which this article calls the best restaurant in the world; the stands at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market in San Francisco; and Konnopke's, which is one of the oldest Currywurst places in Berlin.

I think they should have mentioned Din Tai Fung as well, which is the best Taiwanese dumpling restaurant in the world (we ate there in Taipei, Shanghai, and LA; and I blogged it here already). And for roast chicken, I think they should have mentioned Henne, in former East Berlin, which only offers milk-roasted chicken with salad and beer.

Of the 50 places mentioned in the newspaper, my dad is going to take me to Katz's deli in New York, and my mom wants me to try another place in New York, The Little Owl, during fall break! That way, I can soon say I have seen ten percent.