Monday, August 30, 2010


On the weekend when my mom is gone me and my dad had some fun. We went to Lucille's BBQ.
 When we went in there was an entering/sales/waiting room with couches and a counter. We went to the front desk and asked get a table. The first thing they asked us was what my dads phone number was and type it was.The noise level at that time was so loud already, and why do you have to tell them your phone number and company(it was already hard enough to hear them) ? We went to the waiting room and in 5 minutes they texted us that our table was ready. A few minutes after we were seated the noise level went up to the shouting way of communication. The waiter had a strange way of accented soft way of talking so there were many time when it was really hard to hear her. The food was good. We ordered a full rack of baby back ribs for us to share. The sauce was good. The meat was easy to eat, not to wet or dry. There was about a paragraph of different sides. We ordered the beans and cole slaw, and a fried okra appetizer. The cole slaw was the best I have ever had. The beans were good but weren't that bbq like. They had a different sauce and were too wet. The noise was way to high and the service was kind of awkward but the food was really good.