Monday, July 5, 2010

Crab Cooker Update!

My family and my friends recently went to crab cooker. Thanks to a great recommendation from one of my comments we ordered the salmon wings. Boy were those things good. Its a lucky thing that my friends didn't have as safisticated taste buds as mine because their mom ordered the clam chowder for them. I might not dare to say but that i think that was even better. My dad ordered the soft shell crab to try out something. I'm now beginning to think that our 4th trip was better than the other three. Soft shell crab is what I'm going to order next! My friends dad ordered the dungness crab. A tiny bit to cold but pretty good. The female parents ordered the combo plate. I didn't see all of it because they were sitting on the other side of the 7 people but i heard it was good, just good i bet because they say it to much enthusiasm. I was unfortunate in our stroke of luck and ordered the same (the scallop and shrimp on a skewer with potatoes and slaw) but its always good to stay with something good. In all try to hit all the things i mentioned in the next trip to The Crab Cooker. I'm telling you, you wont regret it!