Thursday, June 16, 2011

La Rocco's and Phan 55

La Rocco's Pizzeria is the only place in Orange County that satisfied my mom's craving for New York style thin crust pizza. It has a variety of different pizzas, vegetarian and VERY meaty. Last time we were there we had the classic white pizza that is really great! We were very hungry when we arrived at La Roccos (and they had very slow service), so to satisfy our hunger, we ordered these things called garlic knots. They were a combination of bread, garlic, olive oil, and cheese. They were great with the tomato sauce they served. It was very cheap and had some outdoor seating! A small T.V provides entertainment to people in line, and to kids alike. It is a great place to support! The pizza is out of this world.

       Speaking of great places to support, Phan 55 is a small place out of the way near Jamboree and Campus It is a Vietnamese place that has a huge bar and great pho. Their food is healthy, fresh, and tasty. For Pho lovers who want to find the real thing near UCI, this is the place to come for a healthy and delicious lunch. Their waiters are very nice, asking for help to spread the word of their restaurant.