Saturday, September 19, 2009


Souplantation is very kid friendly for one. The first thing I should mention is that it is self serve. What's weird is that you pay before you get a meal. It has a standard price, per child, $5.00 and adult $9.00. They have homemade hot muffins and other fresh baked items like molten chocolate cake. They are good. The soup varies per day, but they usually have chili and chicken noodle. They have a stand for each thing except for the appetizers. The ice cream cones are tiny. To make up for that the big bowls are huge. Don't get any of the appetizers except for the salads. They are cold and not good. However the warm soups and bread are "delish."There are some pastas on the appetizer station, but those are cold and tasteless. The pastas on the pasta stand are much better. There is a patio. They are very bad at seating people though.
Kid friendly☺*5
quality ψ*2

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chez Panisse

This restaurant is probably my favorite one of all. When we went to berkeley we looked at the menu and we had to go. I didn't take notes but I'll tell you what I can.The atmosphere is great, waiters are friendly. Down stairs is the dining room with only the picked meal for the day. We tried to get a reservation at 5:00 but it was full already.Up stairs is the cafe with the weeks food on a menu. Here is some of our favorite fixed menus. Monday August 31 Grilled squid salad with cherry tomatos and piccolo fino basil. Spit roasted james ranch lamb shoulder stuffed with tapenade and almonds with potato tomato gratin and roasted broccoli de ciccio. King pluot tart with raspberry ice cream. Saturday September 5 local halibut tartare with cucumber relish and yellow tomatos. Egg pasta handkerchiefs with chanterelle mushrooms with basil. Grilled Paine farm squab and crepinette with shell beans, green beans and romano beans. Black mission fig puff pastry tartlet with caramel ice cream. It is expensive, but worth it. Is your mouth watering yet? Mine was!

Kid friendly☺*3
Quality ψ*5