Saturday, June 12, 2010

World famous pastrami

Today i just came home from a burger-sandwich place called The Hat. My dad told me that it's like an old style fast food place. I had already heard from my dad's friend that it was pretty good so that didn't worry me to much. When we got there i recognized a sort of deli. It was pretty empty so there wasn't a line. I hoped they would have a corned beef sandwhich-my favorite.They didn't. So i did the natural thing any American would do. Get a cheese burger. My dad got a pastrami sandwich. It came pretty pretty quickly. We also ordered a small fry serving and a onion ring serving. When our food came the first thing we noticed was that there were three bags. I thought that it was normal each meal getting it own bag and the sides sharing the other. But after we opened them up i realized it was the other way around! The sides were huge. The small fries took up half a bag and the onion rings a whole one! That was the only problem though. Everything else was really good adding the fact that it was fast food. My dads pastrami had just enough spice and flavor combined to make it really good. The burger was nice and juicy to with a whole lot of greens. The atmosphere was nice and talkative to. Oh yeah and by the way don't tell this to anyone who you know who ate at The Hat: my dad says (because of the huge sides) he felt like the skinniest person there! So in the end if yo are looking for a fast good place on the go, come to The Hat!

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