Friday, October 7, 2011

Gatten Sushi

"Customer coming"! Every day you enter, or leave Gatten Sushi,  you are energetically welcome and dismissed. The waiters cheerfully greet every new thing that presents its self, including new sushi! Gatten Sushi is a sushi train that in its unique way, raises it above other sushi trains. It is a rather small place in the Albertsons lot near Happy nails and Stricklands. Gatten Sushi's train winds its way through the whole room at a steady pace that allows you to decide what dish to get, but prevents a long wait if you missed a dish. Unfortunately, it does not have its own website, so Yelp, my close competitor will have to do for getting more info on Gatten Sushi. If you get tired of fancy fish and have a craving for something less classy, but just as good, try Gatten Sushi. My personal favorites are the crispy shrimp rolls, the unagi, and the eel. They provide you with strawberry drinks coming around, but if that isn't right for you, you can always order something else. If you desire something not on the train, it is a very simple task to order it from one of the waiters. After eating your fill of the sushi, you can either enjoy their desserts, almond tofu, mango pudding, fresh fruit in jello, or plain fresh fruit. If you are into the almond tofu, make sure to grab it early because it disappears in a jiffy. Make sure not to get rid of your empty dishes (or you can if you want to "save" some money) because that is what your final check is based on. The waiters tally up how many yellow dishes you have on your table, each costing two dollars. Yellow dishes are usually sushi or one of the desserts. The they count up the red dishes, which are three dollars each. Red dishes are the drinks that they serve or the fancier desserts. Then they count how many things you ordered straight form the kitchen, and they create your check. If you don't have a taste for chinese desserts, step into Stricklands to have some great ice cream if you are still determined to have a sweet. All in all Gatten Sushi has a great attitude, a great atmosphere (but don't get freaked out by the energetic greetings), and a really great sushi train with all the sushi you could dream of and more.


  1. Thank you for this informative description of the food and dining experience at this restaurant. Getting firsthand information like this helps me decide whether or not I want to try a place. I appreciate (and admire!) that you take the time to do this. --Elaine O'Connor

  2. Thanks for the rec... we ate there tonight and the kids LOVED it. They weren't even tempted to grab the food, but enjoyed briefly, yet carefully considering each thing as it chugged by and making mental notes on their faves, which I think included green bean tempura rolls, dragon rolls, tako balls and ikura. A total treat and big success for them, but I had to grab kogi tacos from KOBA (which, BTW, are terrible) afterwards because I apparently got confused by all the movement and did not eat enough there.

  3. Glad you enjoyed Gatten Sushi. We would eat their every day if we could.