Sunday, August 4, 2013

4 Seas

Hello all. As most of you have been able to tell, I have let the mantle of responsibility slip from my grasp yet again. I apologize for this. Recently, the Krapp-Liu family has frequented a Chinese breakfast/brunch place called 4 Seas, which is near the Jeffrey and Walnut Asian shopping mall that I have posted about before. It is with great reluctance that I post a Yelp link to my page, but I guess it is a must do. So click here for exact directions and comments and criticism of 4 Seas.

    But now to the critique. It is a very authentic Taiwanese brunch place. One of the stars of the menu is a Taiwanese dish called Dou Jiang Yotiao, which is essentially sweet or normal soy milk, with a fried stick of dough that one can dip in the soymilk. It is a very big part of Chinese breakfasts, and I would be shocked if it isn't on 4 out of 5 Chinese breakfast places. It is very good here, and just might be a must eat. Sticky Rice also gets an honorable mention, and is also one very authentic, very popular, and very good dish in Chinese cuisine. My personal favorite is something called "Scallion Pancakes", which is basically what it sounds like. It is also fried, so f you are looking to lose weight, this might not be the place for you. At this particular restaurant, they serve it with a fried egg on top, and a little can of hot sauce which one can dole out onto this dish with generosity or stingyness. To me, the hot sauce is a holds a key spot in making this dish what it is.

      There is a main menu, like all the restaurants you know, as well as a sort of pastry bar, filled with little fried delights. They also "serve" take out very well, so it is very good for lazy weekend breakfast runs, or lazy weekend morning brunches. They have a very normal, relaxed atmosphere, with a wonderful, almost Miyazaki-like painting on one of the walls. They have a water bar, which is unusual, but is actually quite efficient. Over all, this is very good place, with authentic, homey food, and a pleasant atmosphere. To some, it may be a little too authentic, but others may appreciate it. 

P.S Keep in mind, that it is not a dim sum place, so if you are looking for Chinese brunch, but don't want to spend more calories waving down carts than you get from eating your meal, this is an ideal place. It only takes cash!

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